Interview with Sarah Beeching of the Oshun Partnership

Hello all,

As conference co-chair, I recently had the opportunity to interview keynote speaker Sarah Beeching about issues relating to humanitarian and development coordination and cross-sector efforts in education and other target areas in conflict-affected environments. Looking forward from the conference to forums and discussions taking place this summer in the lead up to the September 2015 implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, Sarah offered her insight into the complex challenges that actors must strive to address in order to jumpstart the post-2015 era. Sarah and I had a fascinating conversation, parts of which I’m happy to be able to share with you all. The interview has been posted to the French Development Agency’s Ideas for Development blog, which fosters development-oriented debate and discussion. A preview and link to the full post are provided below!

Best wishes,

Bridget Golob

Aid in conflict areas: let’s break down the barriers between the sectors

For children in conflict areas, education can often remain elusive during periods of violence and for years after. What are the main challenges to address for the education sector in such contexts? What are the financial and policy commitments required to target fragmentation in the field of development during conflict situations? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this interview with Sarah Beeching, Executive Director of Oshun Partnership and speaker in the recent ‘Post-2015 Development Challenges in Conflict Zones’ conference.

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