The organising committee is incredibly grateful to our sponsors for their generous support.

Headline Sponsors

Rescue-Global-LogoRescue Global is a UK charity, US not-for-profit and international non-governmental organisation. Initially founded to meet the need of the humanitarian response community for accurate information in the aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster, Rescue Global has grown beyond the response phase, to actively encourage a systematic and holistic approach to disasters in the phases of Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. Rescue Global provides vital reconnaissance data during disaster events, as well as facilitating vulnerability and risk assessments, capability analysis, multi-lateral training and planning in the mitigation, response and recovery phases.

Exhibitor Sponsors

african-leadership-centre-125x125The African Leadership Centre (ALC) was established in Kenya in June 2010 as a joint initiative of King’s College London and the University of Nairobi. The ALC is a Pan African centre of excellence on peace, security and development in Africa. It trains and mentors young Africans with the potential to lead and enable innovative change in their communities and in the region. It builds capacity not just of the individuals, but of the communities, institutions and organisations in which they live and work. With its partners, the ALC seeks to develop new and innovative ways to address challenges and develop a new generation of ‘home-grown’ talent in Africa.

KCL_War_Studies_logoThe Department of War Studies, which marked its 50th anniversary in 2012, is the only academic department in the world to focus solely on the complexities of conflict and security. Students are taught by experts and pioneers in warfare, peace, international relations, politics, conflict, development, terrorism and security, among other fields, who are at the forefront of world events as they happen. The department, under the leadership of Head of the Department Theo Farrell, is an acknowledged leader in teaching and research within its specialist areas and has received the highest possible ratings in successive Research Assessment Exercises.

67e23b18082a32ed3369bcaa1343b0e8_400x400 The Graduate School under the leadership of Director Vaughan Robinson is a college-wide professional services centre whose prime purpose is to provide support for, and encourage, the best possible postgraduate student experience and to ensure that all students fulfil their full potential at King’s College London. It aims to attract the best students in the world and ensure that our postgraduates have a world-class experience while studying for their doctorates or master’s degrees.

IDI-Study-Abroad-OptionsThe International Development Institute is an innovative and contemporary development studies institute at King’s College London. The approach taken is one of studying context and actual economic, social and political change in middle-income countries rather than prescriptive models of development. The mission is to explore the sources of success in emerging economies as well as understand the major development challenges they continue to face.

UntitledThe King’s Brazil Institute, founded in 2008, provides a focal point for Brazil-related activities across a range of academic disciplines. To promote an understanding of Brazil and develop the profile of Brazilian Studies at the university level in the UK, the Institute coordinates and develops Brazil-related research capabilities and Brazil-focused programmes of study at King’s, while also building links with Brazilian organisations in education, the cultural and creative sectors, business and government.


Strife logo1Strife is a student-led, dual-format publication, based out of the Department of War Studies at King’s. It comprises a blog as well as a peer-reviewed academic journal, published biannually. Our thematic focus is ‘conflict’ in all shapes, forms and senses of the word. We combine political, historical, literary, and philosophical approaches to conflict. We aim to provide thought-provoking, unique perspectives in all our work. We welcome submissions for both the blog and the journal from anyone who has an interest in issues relating to conflict. On Wednesday 4th March Strife will be holding its first annual conference entitled ‘A World in Flux? Analysis and Prospects for the US in Global Security’. Attendance is free and open to all.

Special thanks also go to the Overseas Development Institute for featuring our blog series on its site, to the Agence Française de Développement promoting our event on its Ideas for Development blog and to the UN’s World We Want 2015 platform, the Beyond 2015 campaign, the Future UN Development System and Bond UK for their publicity, materials and support.

post2015 id4d worldwewant beyond2015 futureun Bond_Logo_NoStrap_RGB_72dpi_400x400


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